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The misunderstanding between " service offer " of the travel agent and "service - preferred " of the customer may cause the problem or even a broken-down in the relationship of two sides.

Description Of Services In Details

The misunderstanding between " service offer " of the travel agent and "service - preferred " of the customer may cause the problem or even a broken-down in the relationship of two sides. To avoid this matter, Opentour JSC travel shall always clarify the services supply within an itinerary as clear as we can. Hereunder is the description of services we offered in which program we set up:

Travel Insurance

Normally, travel insurance is not included in tour price.
Travel insurance are just applied for adventurous and challenging tours which to remote areas where the living condition are basic. The insurance is implemented by Vietnam insurance company (BAO VIET), the biggest State-owned one in Vietnam

Twin Sharing Room

Twins-sharing room here is understood that you shall have two independent beds in a room. Certainly, you would must share your room with other people and it is perfect if you have in advance a travel mate whom you share the room with. Single supplement also available and please email us for further information
Basically, the accommodation offered with tours will be 2-4 star standard. The room is equipped by air-conditioned, hot shower, Satellite TV, minibus, Tel. Hotel facilities includes of swimming pool, bar, restaurant, money exchange, internet cabin, sauna and massage...
To see some example of the hotels, please visit our hotel description pages - -.

Meals As Mentioned In The Program, 5-12 USD/ Full Board/ Person

At each tour, we include the meals within the quotation offered. B means
Breakfast, L means Lunch and D means Dinner. 5-12 US$ / full board means you could have dinner (or lunch) at the restaurant with 5-12 US$ / person. A 5-12 US$ menu covers around 6-8 dishes, 1 soft drink and dessert. Vietnamese traditional, Western style, seafood or others will be served based on the customer needs or destination you visit.

Land Transfer By A/C Vehicle For Whole Trip

The vehicle type varies depended on the quantity of travelers. 4-seat car will serve 1 or 2 customers, 12-seat minibus will serve the group up to 6 people, 24-seat bus will serve the group up to 14 people, 35-seat bus will serve the group up to 20 people while 45-seat coach will serve the group up to 25 people. The remaining free seats of each vehicle will keep free for a " large-space" feeling for travelers. Sometimes, the seats will be used for luggage transporting.
About quality of the vehicle, we shall always use a modern one for your transportation. The manufacturing date of each vehicle should be around 2003 - 2007. Hereunder is some example of our vehicle team

4 - Seat Car

Made in: America/ Japan/ German/ France
Manufacturer: Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, Peugeot.
Year of manufacturing: 2004-2008
Size: Western standard, large and cozy

12/16 - Seat Minibus

Made in: America/ Japan
Manufacturer: Toyota, Ford.
Year of manufacturing: 2004-2007
Size: Western standard, large and cozy

24/ 30 - Seat Bus

Made in: Japan/Korea
Manufacturer: Toyota, Huyndai.
Year of manufacturing: 2003-2006
Size: Western standard, large and cozy

45 - Seat coach

Made in: Japan/Korea
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi, Huyndai, Daewoo.
Year of manufacturing: 2003-2007
Size: Western standard, large and cozy

Other special requirement: Limousine, truck, camping coach, bus with sleeper will be arranged with prior notice.
The fact we must accept that as other travel companies in Laos, our driver's ability of foreign language are not good as neighboring countries. However, we found the solution. Instead of teaching foreign language for our driver, we train our tour guide how to drive a car/bus. Certainly, because of lacking driving-guiding person, you should order in advance, so that we could reserve him for you.

Domestic Airticket

There are two airline companies in Vietnam named Vietnam Airlines & Pacific airlines. In these tours, our domestic tickets are served by Vietnam Airlines & Pacific airlines. Airline's aircraft include: Airbus 320, Boing 747 for the long flight, while Fokker and ATR 72 will be taken for the shorter route .
Your ticket are basically economy class. Special booking ( business class, private helicopter... ) will be informed in advance and we will discuss about the quotation. For further information of air ticketing with Vietnam airline, please visit our air ticket pages

English/ French/... Speaking Guide

There are two major foreign languages that most tourists require when 
  traveling to Vietnam: English and French. At each tour, depend on guest's requirement, we will send the English or French speaking guide to serve them. In some special cases with Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian..., we shall must know in advance and this arrangement will quote you a little bit higher than the original quotation. Please email us for further information.

Admission Fees For All Tourist Places

At each tourist place, we must pay the entrance fee and depend on the property of the destination, the entrance will vary from some US cents to several US$. Normally, we shall include entrance within the quotation.

Group Tour Or Seat-In-Coach Tours

Group tour: To join with other people on available daily tours. These tours are fixed itinerary and departure time. It is possible to join in even your group of only 1 or 2 people. Customer do not to find other people to form the group. It is our company duty to gather the tourists for each tour. For these tours, you have to share the coach, boat and tour guide with other tourists who come from different nationalities. The number of people of this group is normally less than 20 persons.

Private Tour

Private tour: To do the tour privately. The tour is not fixed, it is possible to be customized for your group. All service is reserved for your group only. You do not have to share the bus, boat, tour guide with other tourists. One exception, if you stay at the boat in Halong bay - it is like the hotel in Halong - you still have to share the boat with other people

What Are Differences On Tour Prices Between Mid-range, Superior, Deluxe classes?

The two main differences are the hotel classes and type of boats/junks in Halong Bay. Everything else will be at the great quality.

1. For Hotels

Standard means a tour is priced with lower priced room at a hotel, normally with economy class or 2 stars hotels. Please do not expect too much at the 2 stars hotels in this third world.
Superior means to be an inclusion of a hotel from 3-4 stars, this is a good hotel with a range of facilities and good service.
Deluxe price is inclusive with high quality four and five-star Vietnam hotels – with the best equipped and appointed units in a hotel you will enjoy in our tours.

Opentour jsc suggests using hotels Superior, since this is also a good way to save but make your stay relaxing more comfortable.

2. For Boats/ Junks In Halong Bay

There are some main differences on the boat/junk types as the following
Space on the boat, with the standard one - you would have to expect small size boat, from your bedroom to the sun deck, whilst the Superior & Deluxe class will have larger sized dining area that is warm and cozy, more importantly with comfort in your cabins (larger bed, bigger glassed window) as well as the sunbath area (with comfortable chairs)
Toilet & shower on boat/junk, if you wish to have comfort in your privacy, Standard boat will not be a choice since the toilet is normally outside (shared bathrooms), while Superior will offer this and you will even find it better at Deluxe class.
Facilities on the Superior and Deluxe boat are up-to-date international standard, good air-conditioning in the cabin, fine toilet facilities whilst there is normally a fan in the cabin at the standard boat.
Well trained, devoted and courtesy staff will always make your stay unforgettable on the Superior and Deluxe junk.
Halong Bay is beautiful and we suggest enjoy it in Superior or Deluxe Junk, paying a bit more but you will find it worth every cents you pay for.


Thanks for your understanding !


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