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Meet Our Team

Our key personnels for Inbound Services:

 Mr Thang

Mr. Thomas Vu Quyet Thang- Director:
Mr. Thomas and the team of management founded Hoangviet Travel J.S.C in 2005. He is the company's CEO and has been striving to develop our quality of services to meet the requirements of increasing visitors from oversea. Before forming Hoangviet Travel J.S.C, he had 11 years working in Travel field, including the post of Tourist guide, Tour Operator, Assistant to many Vietnamese as well as Foreign CEO of Hotels & Travel Companies. Thomas is quite famous in Travel Business in Vietnam as people often see him on Newspapers and T.Vs. He has a large acquaintance with Travel Agents, services suppliers both in Vietnam and oversea. Thanks to our team's effort especially Thomas', Hoangviet Travel J.S.C has received valuable awards as well as high valuations from Vietnamese & oversea customers.
Mr. Thomas is not only director of Hoangviet Travel, but also the Chief of Domestic and Inbound Divisions of Hanoi Unesco Travel Club, which has more than 200 members ( travel agents and service suppliers in Vietnam).
Contact Thomas (In case of urgent need or you are not satisfied with Hoangviet Travel's services - He surely welcome your phone/email 24/24):
YM: thanghoangviettravel
Skype:  hoangviettravel
Mobile: +84 913031078


 Mr Nam

Mr. Nam Nguyen ( Karen)- Sales Inbound Manager :
Sales Agents Department
Karen Nam loves Vietnam so much and usually travels around Vietnam. He joined Hoangviet Travel in 2007 after years working in travel business ( in Vietnam and oversea). He works smart, hard and honestly. He tries to bring great vacations to clients. A lot of clients became friends after traveling with Hoangviet Travel.
Contact Karen Nam:

 Mr Trung

Mr. Trung- Inbound Manager:
Sales Online Department
Honest and trustworthy, Trung is Inbound Manager. Working in travel industries since 1999 as a tour guide, operator and now Inbound Manager, he can answer any questions about Vietnam.
Contact Mr. Trung:

 Ms Lan

Ms. Lan- Operation Manager:
Operation Department
Lan is very important to Hoangviet Travel. She and her operation staffs take care small details and follow up bookings to make sure clients will be happy during the trip. Lan likes listening to music and her happiness is seeing the smiles on our travelers' faces. She's now so happy with family and work here. 

 Ms Huyen

Ms. Huyen- Operation G.I.T Leader:
Operation Department- G.I.T / M.I.C.E Part
Huyen is a cheerful soul. She and her department take care our incoming GIT groups, MICE groups. It is a hard work and need creation. She is from Bac Ninh Province just outside Hanoi, home to many temples and traditions, perhaps most notably Quan Ho folk singing. As it happens, Huyen is a passionate singer of Quan Ho. These folk melodies express the range of human emotions, and she won’t miss an opportunity to perform Quan Ho for visitors.


Ms Hoai

Ms. Hoai- Accountant Chief:
Account Department
Hoai has been working for Hoangviet Travel since 2007. She is very carefully and has great memory of numbers. Hoangviet Travel willnot complete works without Hoai as she follows the payment, taxes and everythings related. Travel has long been her hobby, and she thrives in the disciplined work environment at Hoangviet Travel. Like most truly excellent performers, she is also a careful listener, and a perfect fit for our accountant.

Our Operators:

 Ms Xuyen

Ms. Xuyen- Tour Operator:
Xuyen is a hard working staff. She loves the family atmosphere in the company. She always comes to office so early and goes home late until she completes her works. She comes from Vinh Phuc Province where has lot of beautiful sights of mountains, lakes, yellow paddy fields. So she looks forward to trips to her province espcially to her home village. Her family there always puts on a feast of home-grown veggies, fruits...She is tireless in providing detailed, informative assistance to colleagues and clients...

 Ms Linh

Ms. Linh- Tour Operator:
Linh loves the travel industry as her target is to introduce Vietnam heritages and cultures to the world. She loves her job here with team like brothers and siters.

 Ms Van Anh

Ms. Van Anh- Tour Operator:
Van Anh is our youngest staff at the moment. She loves to cook and welcomes visitors with Hanoi specialties pho or bun cha. She looks forward to working out all the details of the trips.

 Ms Tuyet Linh and Ms Chi

Ms. Tuyet Linh & Ms Chi- Operator in Da Nang City:
Tuyet Linh and Chi are our staffs in Da Nang City. They take care the services in the Central of Vietnam. They are specialists for destinations: Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave...

 Mr Bao Dai

Mr. Bao Dai- Operator in Ho Chi Minh City:
Bao Dai is our staff in Ho Chi Minh city. He is specialist for Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. He loves to be the tour guide but now he is so busy in the office. He will be a tour guide whenever he has chance. If you are guided by Dai, you are so lucky.